orm: marius contemplates lettuces intently (HMM: lettuce idleness)
sooo [personal profile] pob drew this

which meant that obviously I had to draw this

AR is the law and the law is not mocked

in other news i am in denial about the imminence of nano
orm: the text: DO YOU LIKE ART? I DREW SOME RUSSIAN ORPHANS ... (ART: i drew some)

marius staring at lettuces

for [personal profile] pob and [livejournal.com profile] lucieandco
those weirdos

21:36:29 Hannah: oh man speaking of lettuce
21:36:32 Squeak: .. lmfao
21:36:41 Hannah: when we were trying to work out if marius actually thinks anything
21:36:53 Hannah: frederique and I found a line about how every day he goes to the market and
21:36:54 Hannah: stares
21:36:56 Hannah: at lettuce?
21:37:30 Hannah: like and we are clearly meant to think he ... is merely looking through the lettuce while occupied by Loftier Thoughts but since those are never defined
21:37:34 Hannah: I choose to believe that he just really likes lettuce
orm: (Default)

idk how her curls are so fucking shiny but I felt like it

the other one is bigger so it is under a cut

one more freakish bird animal )
orm: cera can get her OWN green food (OM NOM NOM: cera)
for your viewing pleasure I have scanned many of the pages of drawings that I did whilst in France.


this is v. image heavy jsyk and some of them are quite large, but to start you off here is a picture of teeny tiny wizard Jehan.


THAT'S ALL FOR NOW there's some other stuff but it is either not worth sharing or stuff I want to finish off more. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
orm: a mother jaguar suffering chewing at the jaws of her young (OM NOM NAUGH: jaguars)
yeah [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg makes me draw the best things

like maybe four or five people on my LJ flist are going to think this is funny and two of them have already seen it but DO I CARE


doot doot

May. 15th, 2010 10:43 am
orm: graffiti of some monstery thing eating some meat (I LIKE MEAT AND STUFF: graffiti)
yaaay goin out with [livejournal.com profile] hammster today
we are gonna do a lil bit of protestin and then go back to her place for Victor Hugo Singsong Evening.
TRANSLATION she hasn't watched Disney!Hunchback of Notre Dame before so I'm making her watch it and then we'll ... well, idk, we both live in a perpetual state of quoting Les Misérables lyrics at every available opportunity so I guess ... yeah.
Well, that and Disney!Les Mis, which is the abominablest creature but which we will probably at some point feel compelled to illustrate because we're bad people.

i am finally ok for posting these SO here is the first of several pictures [livejournal.com profile] attilatehbun is having me do by way of illustration for the steampunk YA fic she has yet to post. I was going to wait until I had more and then post a few at once but then I was like oh wait I am probably not going to do any more for a few days and I need to get those last dragons done etc. OH MY GOD could I be more impatient

SO YEAH here's teddy
he is not looking terrifically steampunk yet here but wait til you see Nate. And Kate.
orm: a mother jaguar suffering chewing at the jaws of her young (OM NOM NAUGH: jaguars)
03:18:39 hamdrax: THIS IS A FACTORY NOT A CIRCUS!!!!!
03:18:43 hamdrax: yet, valjean
03:18:43 hamdrax: yet.
03:18:46 ohm nom nom: LMFAO!!!
03:18:48 hamdrax: :'D
03:18:53 hamdrax: /puts tigers in it
03:18:58 hamdrax: /puts spangly costumes on the tigers
03:19:05 hamdrax: NOW WHAT
03:19:05 ohm nom nom: /has fantine ride a tiger
03:19:08 hamdrax: yes.
03:19:10 ohm nom nom: /on one leg
03:19:17 hamdrax: /while wearing a spangly costume
03:19:19 ohm nom nom: askjsfhgjdfhgdkfjgh
03:19:25 ohm nom nom: /replaces prostitutes with lion tamers
03:19:33 hamdrax: ....yes
03:19:50 ohm nom nom: 'lion tamers' scans to 'lovely ladies'
03:20:00 ohm nom nom: !!!!!
03:20:06 hamdrax: LMFAO!!!!!!
03:20:08 hamdrax: LION TAMERS
03:20:10 ohm nom nom: this is why we don't fit in in this fandom
03:20:16 hamdrax: ...I...
03:20:19 hamdrax: yes.
03:20:23 hamdrax: it... it is
orm: Captain America with a tambourine  (TAMBOURINE: cap)
I fucking love XI's Les Misérables cast, it is the best

so I have been drawing them a bit

Combeferre restraining Jehan during a snowball fight

also a sketch from a thread in which Courfeyrac interrupts Enjolras's Danger Room-generated barricade session by pressing the "roller disco" button

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