orm: the text: DO YOU LIKE ART? I DREW SOME RUSSIAN ORPHANS ... (ART: i drew some)
Boss Tiger ([personal profile] orm) wrote2010-09-28 11:03 pm

lettuce contemplation is a form of lettuce idleness

marius staring at lettuces

for [personal profile] pob and [livejournal.com profile] lucieandco
those weirdos

21:36:29 Hannah: oh man speaking of lettuce
21:36:32 Squeak: .. lmfao
21:36:41 Hannah: when we were trying to work out if marius actually thinks anything
21:36:53 Hannah: frederique and I found a line about how every day he goes to the market and
21:36:54 Hannah: stares
21:36:56 Hannah: at lettuce?
21:37:30 Hannah: like and we are clearly meant to think he ... is merely looking through the lettuce while occupied by Loftier Thoughts but since those are never defined
21:37:34 Hannah: I choose to believe that he just really likes lettuce

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