Aug. 9th, 2010

orm: a kitten with its mouth open and tongue stickin out (ERLACK ERLACK: cat)

[ profile] purapea is reading Temeraire and keeps reminding me how much I love maximus (A LOT ??)

& a larger headshot )
orm: the text "START YOUR ENGINES" graffiti'd onto the sign on a men's toilet (GENTLEMEN: graffiti)
For those of you who have yet to have this shared with you by my esteemed colleague [personal profile] pob, I would like to draw your attention to Captain Manners.

Perhaps you have heard of Captain Manners. A Distinguished Gentleperson of the Captain's merit is bound to meet with some renown, after all. A citizen of the world, having been abandoned as a babe and raised by a plural noun of animals in the harsh and unforgiving landscape of a far off country, Captain Manners is a Genuine Military Officer with a doctorate in helping, and as such is more than qualified to answer queries on any and all subjects that you can think of, and at least eighteen that you cannot.

If you have any kind of query about anything whatsoever, Captain Manners will be happy to answer it and you are sure to be satisfied.

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