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I just got reminded today that it's THAT TIME AGAIN

That's right, it's less than a month until Bonfire Night, which means it's time for me to grumble about it.

If you are new around here, you may be unaware of how I feel about Bonfire Night – more specifically, how I feel about Americans making a big deal out of Bonfire Night. My feelings on this matter are really quite strong, and can more or less be summed up thus:

Don't fucking do it if you do do it I will come across the Atlantic Ocean to your house and make you eat your own raw fingers

Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night/wev was originally a government-enforced obligatory commemoration that appropriated some of the existing customs of Samhain for the purpose of anti-Catholic, pro-monarchy propaganda. It is about rejoicing in the failure of a group of marginalised people to overturn a status quo that treated them like second-class citizens, and about celebrating the fact that England still has a monarchy. Admittedly they were totally 17th century terrorists and I do not condone blowing people up, but the fact that the way they were going about their stuff was not that great does not make this celebration in any way admirable. Bonfire Night is basically a big monarchical Protestant gloat and was introduced to encourage the further demonising of Catholicism at a time when Catholics were having a really shitty time of it already.

Don't get me wrong, I love fireworks, but the USA totally already has its own awesome fireworks holiday and it is about NOT having a monarchy, you lucky fuckers. Isn't that good enough for you? ffs.

My intention is of course to dissuade any of the Americans reading this from making any totally awesome pretentious anglophilic plans to have a party commemorating the oppression of people in another country four hundred years ago because they totally love V for Vendetta lol!


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no worries man, I will be NOVELING FURIOUSLY. There is no time for such shenanigans when I have a 50,000 word novel to write.
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I think that the 4th has something of a similar problem in that people completely misconstrue it, though from a different and less problematic angle. It was all about shucking the current government and making something better, little to do with our government now. Except now it's a ~patriotic holiday~ and we all know that opposing the government is Extremely Unpatriotic. I will note that once I figured this out I was a lot more in favour of the 4th as a holiday.
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you're just jealous cause it steals the thunder from your birthday

don't lie
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dude I get FIREWORKS for my birthday, I am so very not opposed
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I bet no one comes to your parties. :(

I say, having not been to one of your birthday parties, like, ever.
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Not like I meant to?
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Once I figured out I was allowed to love something and want to change it completely I grew into loads of love for the ole US of A. Also the UK actually. There are bad things (so many bad things) but they are still my countries and maybe I can make them better by doing something.

...yeah, Steve is good for that.
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Steve is the same reason I realised this too, it's okay. Now, I have some pride in my country, in what it can be.

I used to hate America bitterly.
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pfffffffft I don't even celebrate Independence Day here in the States, why would I bother with weird "foreign" holidays?

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I wasn't aware that Americans made a habit of celebrating Bonfire Night. In light of this post and my own feelings about nationalism, I imagine I'd receive this holiday with about as much enthusiasm as I have for Independence Day: enough to say, "Ooh, pretty fireworks!"