orm: the text "START YOUR ENGINES" graffiti'd onto the sign on a men's toilet (GENTLEMEN: graffiti)
Boss Tiger ([personal profile] orm) wrote2010-11-04 12:45 am

Juuust wanted to spread the word around that dA has reached new peaks of utter fail

[redirect profile] transfinite got dealt some incomprehensibly hideous bullshit from dA's staff after taking issue with the removal of the "unspecified" option on their drop-down gender menu:

My apologies but there are only two sexes; male and female so one should apply to you. In the unusual case that you are hermaphrodite then I would suggest that you select the one which you feel applies the best.

More here: http://transfinite.dreamwidth.org/215469.html

FFS. dA, you've gone too far this time. I WILL NOT BE TURNING BACK AROUND.

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