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Boss Tiger ([personal profile] orm) wrote2010-10-11 01:17 am
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hur dur

ssoo today I went over to hang with [personal profile] pob and [personal profile] gatty; Pob did collagey things and we had pizza and watched stupid shit on TV, and I drew a pile of Homestuck characters (go read it so i feel less alone) in my weeny sketchbook because I've got a problem. SO NOW I GUESS I AM SHARING
most of this is kids and trolls but there's another MP and WV in there too. None of them are doing anything interesting. SOME OF THEM ARE CUTE, THO, I THINK?
I missed like 3 trolls cause I guess I couldn't be bothered or sth
equius, sollux & aradia apparently do not do it for me so much

i made john look a bit like my brother I guess
... and I ran out of space on the edge of the page before I got to the puppet ass

these guys are the only ones on the same page who are actually supposed to be standing next to each other or anything, jsyk
mostly there is no particular rhyme or reason re: who is on a page with who

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